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Video: Andy Grammer

Meet Andy Grammer. You may know him, but I did not until recently. I heard this song playing on E! News (dont judge me) and I was like “wow! who is that?!” .  The song is not complex, but I LOVE IT. What I like even more is his voice. this song instantly made me want to hear more. His debut album, Andy Grammer, was officially released on June 14 of last year but this video was just released February 15th. I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy Andy Grammer.



Video: Jennifer Hudson Ft. Neyo

I was a little bit hesitent to post Jen at first because, while she CAN sing, she gets to be a bit much for this early in the morning. But, I actually like this song. It is what you expect to see from a soundtrack video.


4 things I liked about the video:

1. Kevin Hart is in it…so its defintatly entertaining. Some people (not including me) feel that he is not funny… but you can not deny that he is entertaining. You won’t spend the 5 minutes and 40 seconds bored

2. Jennifer is MOVING. She is not pop locking and dropping, but she is moving around. A lot if singers feel comfortable just sitting or standing because they can SANG, but Jen manages to move a little and not look awkward doing so.

3. The song. she does this little thing in the beginning and the end where you don’t really know what she is saying, but I still like it. The song in general is pretty good. Nice beat. I like it.

4. Hair and make up. Jennifer looks GOOD. she looks spectacular. And I am LOVING her confidence as well. She just gives off a great vibe in the video.

What I will say is I HATE product placement….which they did towards the end. I also could have don’t without Rick Ross


New Music: Melanie Fiona FT. J Cole

Title: This Time

Artist: Melanie Ft. J. Cole

Album: MF Life / March 20, 2012



New Music: Rita Ora- ‘R.I.P’

Roc Nations’ Rita Ora has dropped another track “R.I.P. plus reports of her becoming a Kardashian inside.

ROC Nations favorite female Brit is back at it with new music. The new song, R.I.P., features Tinie Tempah ( Kanye shrug). The song is alright I guess. I am becoming a huge Rita Ora fan myself, but I personally like ‘Hot Right Now’ and ‘Party and B-LL S-IT' way better.          I hope whatever material she releases after R.I.P is WAY better.

R.I.P to the girl you used to see. Her days are over, baby she’s OVER

Do you like?



Also, Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian were supposedly seen leaving a London party and arriving to a hotel within minutes of each other, according to reports at theybf.com.

Here’s the thing. I can see how if this is a fling, it can be good because JUST having the Kardashian name involved will create “buzz”. Then if it devolves, she continues about her business and he his and she a little bit more famous here in America because of that buzz. However, if this becomes serious (if true), it could be bad *cough* Kris Humphries* for her career. My advice? Rita, get your rocks off and keep it moving. Just saying…


SOURCE: mtv.co.uk  /  theybf.com/

PHOTO: http://gidilive.com


Video: Luke James - ‘I Want You”

Meet Luke James. I JUST met him thanks to one of my favorite bloggers MISSJIA.COM. I do not know too much  about him, but if he can only go up from this great video and song, you all will be sing more of Mr. James around these parts. I LOVE this song and it is stuck in my head !


New Music: @Ritaora : Rita Ora - ‘Party and B-llsh-t’

This is the official single for the  Roc Nation artist Rita Ora. She and her boss man Jay-Z stopped by Z100 radio station to drop of the new joint. 

It is defiantly a party song and quite catchy. I would love to hear MORE from Rita in ht e future. I wonder if Jay z is trying to the same formula that her did for Rihanna? hum…


and here is some other Rita Ora that I stumbled which I really LOVE!

DJ Fresh FT. Rita Ora Hot Right Now