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Youtube Video: Trini Trent TV: Rating Rihanna!

This is a very interesting video. I watch the whole thing and I do like how Trent legitimacy broke down what the good and bad aspects of “Rihanna” are. He has a lot a great points in this video that I have ALWAYS agreed with. I do think that Rihanna is purely a marketing machine. She is GREAT looking, she has the right people around her, and she has a unique voice (not to be confused with a talented voice). She gets the right beat, she has an accent which gives her some type of wow factor (at least in the US), she STAYS in some  shXt and she has a NASTY mouth….OH and she dated what some have donned as this generations Bobby Brown, Chris Brown. All of this makes her interesting. Hell, I consider myself a fan. But when you think about it, what are you a fan of? I think EVERYBODY will agree that its MOSTLY the looks, controversy, and voice over a nice beat. I do not know anyone who would  call her a vocal genius. At the same time I personally think in 10 years time, there will be somebody else in that place. Not to say she has NOT made her mark in this world and music, because she has. What do you think… is Rihanna here to stay or will the Rihanna Rain let up?


Spotted at Missjia.com




In the wee hours of this early morning/ late night  what do we see on the tweets? A RIHANNA INSTAGRAM! And not 1…but FOUR! Just like that she has almost 23,000 followers on instagram. It must be nice to be living the life of a xucking ROCKSTAR..and now we will all get a little glimps of that VIA Instagram. Welcome, Rihanna. if your tweets are anything like the visuals that you will be posting, I am sure there are a shxt load more sexy, risque, fun pictures to come!

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Get The Look: Rihanna + Rihanna to play Whitney Houston ?

rihanna leaving london club

Rihanna  is pictured here leaving Aura night club in London on Sunday February 26, 2012. She looked great in some pieces that may only work for her all in one setting like this , but she looked great non the less. She was spotted wearing Anna Karin Karlsson Kitten Nior black sunglasses , Giuseppe Zanotti bi-color pump , pixelated Cleopatra sweatshirt by Unique, with a cute asymmetrical skirt and a long, warm sleeveless vest. The sweatshirt actually is quite affordable at approximately $80 where as the Giuseppe shoes are about $680 and Anna Karin Karlsson glasses at about $685.


However, I found a similar look with a little bit of XI style to it at a more reasonable price.

XI style

Sweatshirt: Elizabeth and James

Asymmetrical Skirt: Stolen Girlfriend club

Shoes: Jeffrey Capmbett Day 2 

Sunglesses: Warby Parker

In other news, Rihanna as among other A-listers supposedly among the other celebrities, like Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks, in the running to play Whitney Houston her upcoming biopic.  That would be interesting considering Rihanna has stated that she would not like to do a film dealing with music because she does not feel that it would really be a big challenge for her considering her line of work (read here).


Source: theybf/ fashionbombdaily/rihannadaily

Photos: rihannadaily